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【PLAN399】 Buy 50 bottles RO Water, 1 unit Water Dispenser for use.


 Reverse Osmosis Water Filters is the Benefit to Your Health

There are many health benefits of using reverse osmosis water filters. By using this type of water filtration system, you are able to quickly and effectively create water that is considered "pure". It is absolutely essential that we each consume water that is clean and free of toxins so that our bodies can function appropriately, and we can be healthy.
When we think of "dirty" water, we most often consider this to be an issue that is only relevant in third world countries.
However, due to the industrial industry in the United States, as well as the environmental pollution, we too, have a type of "dirty water". This is why it is important to use reverse osmosis water filters.

Nearly every form of tap water, regardless of where it is, contains some form of contaminants. These may include minerals that are natural based, or even chemicals that are actually man-made. Many facilities use chemicals such as fluoride and even a bit of chlorine in order to treat water, but even these chemicals can harm the body over a prolonged period of time.
It has been established in recent studies that if an individual is exposed to these toxins over an extended period of time, it is quite likely that they may develop health problems such as cancer, damage to the organs, and chronic diseases.

Individuals who use reverse osmosis water filters will reap many benefits as far as their health is concerned. The following represents just a few of the many advantages of consuming water that is considered to be pure:

1. There is a higher level of energy when clean water is consumed.
2. Many may find that they actually begin to lose weight with little to no effort.
3. Pure, clean hydration can assist the body when it comes to digestion and even taking the food that is consumed and transforming it into energy that the body requires.
4. The process of waste elimination in the body speeds up and is handled with no complications.
5. Seeing that water helps in the production of new cells, and other body functions, a person can reduce the possibility of immune suppression, or just coming down with some type of sickness.

When you consume water that is considered to be pure, you are no longer exposed to toxins that can actually hurt your body over a prolonged period of time. Many contaminates are successfully eliminated from the water.
These include potentially dangerous bacteria, nasty viruses that are hard to overcome, and even parasites that can damage the digestive system and other organs in the body.
Even better, pure water tends to taste great! You can achieve all of the health benefits mentioned here by simply using reverse osmosis water filters!

Free Bottle Top Floor Standing Hot Warm Cold Water Dispenser for used

PLAN399 Buy 50 bottles RO water Only RM399.00
- Free Services
- Free Warranty
Available for Kuala Lumpur & Selangor is selected area  Term and condition to apply

Electronic Cooling Function
Dimension (cm) : 34x33x95
Weight : 5kg
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Heating Power: 460W
Heating Capacity : >90oC 5L/h
Cooling Capacity : <10oC 0.7L/h
Stainless Steel : Hot Water Tank 800ml
Tubing Material : Silicon, Food Grade
Power Switch : 1 Switches (Hot, Cold)
Shell Material : ABS Plastic


I would like to know term and condition for Plan399

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