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RO Membrane Filter 50GPD (OLSMOPURE)RO Membrane Filter 75GPD (FILMTEC)

RO Membrane Filter 50GPD (Vontron)
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RO Membrane Filter 50GPD (Vontron)

Price: RM 210.00

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Sku Code : VONTRON-50
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Shipping Weight : 0.5kg
Product Description
Warranty : No Warranty
Services Life : 1-2 year

Vontron Brand


  • Maximum Flow1 GPM
  • Maximum Temp. 113oF(45oC)
  • Maximum Pressure 120 P.S.I


  • RO membrane can remove the "hardness" from the source water. This means that the RO membrane will remove primarily calcium and magnesium (which make up General Hardness, GH) and any carbonates. This leaves us with truly soft water. The RO membrane operates as a semi-permeable membrane that is placed under pressure (from the water supply) to cause water to pass through the membrane in a Reverse Osmosis direction, producing pure, soft water.
    RO membrane that is an extremely tight sheet of a specially prepared filtering film that water is forced through under pressure. Dissolved solids are left behind and washed to drain. The membrane typically "rejects" about 95% of dissolved solids like sodium and fluoride. This produces water that is virtually mineral-free and has an exceptionally clean taste. After passing through the membrane, the processed water is stored in a pressurized storage tank.
  • Membrane Thin Film Composite (TFC) membrane Removes toxic, metal, germ, chromium, etc.

vontron_membrane_50gpdULP1812-50 Vontron

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