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Korea DOD-090S Dodream Alkaline Water Ionizer System 7 platinum
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Korea DOD-090S Dodream Alkaline Water Ionizer System 7 platinum

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Brand : DoDream
Model : DOD-090S
Material : ABS
Product Type : alkaline water lonize
Size : 340*340*150(mm)
Weight : 4kg
Manufacturing Country : Republic of Korea

Item Description

Product Feature:

-The subdivided into automatic adjustment eight levels of pH.

-Automatic Washing and drainage function.

-Convenient guiding voice in the exchange time and usage and filter exchange method.

Hybrid Reduced Water System

1. Basic Principles

Hybrid Electrolytic Reduction approach, Applied Electrical energy changes to magnetic energy that is converted to chemical energy on the media, and released electrons which come out from the media, convert hydrogen ions into hydrogen atom(It’s called Proton or Nascent Hydrogen at the contact portion of the water and the media.)

Relatively with a lot to be remained (OH-) ions in the water changed the water to alkaline water. This reactions repeatedly are happened, the active hydrogen-rich and the smallest cluster sized water is created. We called this is a hybrid reduction water.


2. Effects

Filed for approval of the KFDA and the ministry of Environment at the same time. Hybrid Reduction Water as such the ionized water is good for stomach problem. (Ex. Diarrhea, Indegestion, Gas in the bowel, Hyperacid)


3. Product specfications

1) Generation capacity: 5.OL / Minute (5LPM)

2) PH level: 9.5-10.0

3) Product Weight: Undersink Type = 7.5 kg

Stand Type = 30


4. Technical advantages

8) Electric cost compared to conventional ionizer will be 1 / 4 only.


25W = Hybrid Reduced Water System

100W = Regular Alkaline Water Ionizer

9) The cluster size is much smaller (about 50.0761HZ) than the regular drinking water (120Hz), so it is tender.

10) The taste of water is clean and good, because all of organic substances in the water are oxidized.

11) Hybrid Reduced Water System can sterilize bacteria completely, it can be used not only for drinking water but dental cleaning water.


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