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What's Problem 发生问题
 Power Supply Circuit Breaker is Tripped Off (电源跳电) 
 No Hot Water is Produced (不能制造热水) 
 No Cold Water is Produced (不能制造冷水) 
 No Hot Cold Water is Produced (不能制造热水冷水) 
 Water Dispenser Tap Broken (饮水机按水开关断开) 
 Water Leaking From Pipe (Tube Broken) (水管破裂漏水) 
 Water Overflow On Top (水从顶端渗出) 
 Water Smell Of Distinctly (水有异味) 
 Water Filling Slowed (处理水缓慢) 
 Request Reinstallation Service (要求重新安装服务) 
Other Problem or Request 其他问题及要求
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